Eat Breakfast Starting the day with breakfast jump starts your metabolism for the day, the faster it works, the more weight you lose.  Choose your meal carefully and it will make the rest of the day run smoother! Eating high fibre foods that take longer to process than refined sugars will keep you fuller for longer.

Wear a pedometer Count your steps and you may be surprised at how many you take in a day!  Aim for around 10,000 steps a day and keep an eye on your pedometer to go for a quick walk if you are no where near that number nearing the end of the day will keep you moving toward the weight you want to be.  They all add up to a healthier you!

Drink Water It’s a simple thing, but it works like magic!  Drinking water gives you a more active metabolism, it flushes out nasty toxins that make you feel tired, slowing you down and it improves your health.  Keep a bottle with you for a day to see how much you actually drink and swap fizzy drinks or cups of tea and coffee for water for a few days to see if you can feel the benefit in your body.