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lose weight fast: Photo freedigitalphotos.net

Avoid the sweet food aisle in the supermarket.  If you have to walk to drive to the shop to get your sugary fix instead of reaching to the cupboard, you are more likely to ignore your cravings.

Always have breakfast

By eating a low calorie breakfast, you are less likely to snack throughout the day

Get a positive mantra

“I can lose weight” saying phrases you want to be true for yourself makes them easier to believe and make happen.  Choose three or four to help you get through difficult times of the day, like when you just want to sit down after dinner in front of the tv, and need motivation to get out there and burn some calories.

Take a commercial break

By spending that 3-5 minutes during the commercial break to do s short burst of exercise like crunches, or squats you can tone up without leaving your living room.

Upgrade your shop

When you’ve ate the last of your chocolate reverves, replace it with something that’s tasty but healthier. That way, you don’t feel like you’re sacrificing anything and still get to satisfy those cravings!

Add extra veg

By adding lots of vegetables to your dinner, you will fill up quicker and be less likely to order desert or have that extra cup of tea and a biscuit after dinner.

Walk in your lunch hour

Instead of clicking on to social media networks when you’ve just finished your lunchtime sandwich, grab your coat and take a walk around the block.  Over time you will see the benefits this small change makes to your overall health and fitness.

Pump up the beats!

By stocking your ipod full of upbeat music, you are more likely to work out harder and burn more calories.  Make sure you put lots of music on there so you’re not tempted to cut your workout short when the playlist ends!

Avoid midnight feasts

Stop eating after 7pm in the evening and your body won’t be constantly trying to catch up with the calories you’re consuming.

Super skinny-me!

When getting a take out, rather than going for a large meal, you can satisfy your craving while minimising weight gain by just ordering a small portion.

Try something new

By enrolling in a dance or fitness class, you can meet new people and drop a dress size in the process!

Walk your dog

Look into those big brown eyes that are delighted to see you’ve made it home from the office for inspiration to get your coat on and go for a walk before sitting down in front of the television!
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